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OB/Gyn Boards Caselist

Developed by a board certified OB/GYN, this site will help you review your cases in preparation for the general oral examination before the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. (ABOG)

This tool allows you to format and print all of the required documents for submission to ABOG, including hospital / site lists, affidavits and summary sheets. You can quickly and easily print all the required documents for your oral examination, formatted to ABOG specifications. All relevant time periods can be recorded, including the main post residency 12 months, an additional six months if needed, your senior residency year, and fellowship cases.

Event Foresight

The most powerful company event calendar on the market

Event Foresight's calendar platform and toolsets make it easy to track and analyze all of the events you care about. From related companies' events to trade shows, economic releases, market research publications, product releases, FDA dates, important legislation, user group meetings, congressional committees, or nearly anything else--we've got you covered!

Stop missing important events

Event Foresight is powered by our Company-Connect technology, a platform that lets you quickly and easily specify the network of companies and external events important to a company. Once complete, the company's calendar displays all of these inter-linked events, and analyzing the events is a synch with our proprietary volatility analysis and volatility timeline tools.

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The One Page Business Plan

The One Page Business Plan Company is an international consulting firm specializing in planning and performance management systems based upon innovative and proven One Page Business Plan methodology.

The company provides consulting, training, enterprise software, e-learning systems and workshops with over 460 licensed consultants. Its innovative web-based enterprise planning and performance management tools are rapidly becoming the tool of choice for CEOs across the country because of its ability to quickly produce a set of plans that the entire organization can understand and implement. The methodology enables leaders to fully engage their executive teams through a highly collaborative process of creating, sharing and aligning plans enterprise-wide. The web-based system uniquely links performance scorecards directly to text-based objectives to facilitate tracking results and creating an environment of accountability.

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Isis Pro Consulting Services

Isis Professional Services also provides high quality consulting services for mission-critical projects. Our specialties include:

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